Materia Selezioni is a dynamic company run by Donna Lucia Cristiano who produces one of the best Italian Organic Olive Oil and a range of Excellent Italian Wines (Aglianico grape variety); in addition to that, she cultivates much of the organic wheat used to make her special Italian Pasta. Beside the production side, the company sells a selections of the highest-quality food products made with traditional production processes or/and hinged on organic land cultivations. Here there are the best pasta, caciocavallo cheese, salumi, organic legumes, crusco pepper, vegetables in pure extra virgin oil (in glass jars), bakery products, organic honey, marmelade jams & chutney, etc.. Donna Lucia was raised in a family where her grand-moter taught her the ancient secrets of cooking, how to cultivate everything in her family’s agricultural farm by using the archaic methods brought in the region by ancient Greeks some 3.000 years ago (Aglianico derives from Latin word “Hellenicus”, the term used by ancient Romans to indicate the grape variety came from Hellas, that is Greece). Materia Selezioni offers the best Typical Products from Basilicata, the only Italian region that has 2 names being also called Lucania with the old Latin name, so we can also say that here you can find the best Typical Products form Lucania.

There are so many benefits in all the products offered by Materia Selezioni:
1) the best value for money;
2) all the products have certifications of pureness and exclusivity in traditional production like being Organic, DOC, DOCG, DOP, IGP, etc.;
3) Organic Extravirgin Oil is a world top choice in terms of goodness and unbelievable low price in comparison with the same quality on the market. The same for eveything you find on the website;
4) wheat, grapes and olives are stone grinded with traditional and natural processes that preserve vitamines and nutrients guaranteeing the best quality;
5) all the products in stock are constantly treated with vibrations based on the natural tuning at 432Hz. Canio Rosario Maffucci is the musician, composer, researcher and Producer/Label (beside being the owner of renowned Taranta Channel on Youtube) who was the leading figure in the renaissance of Tarantella & Taranta Music. He is the very person in charge for the harmonization of food, olive oil and wines wih frequencies based on sacred sonic geometry.

Olio Extravergine di Oliva Biologico

Growing up in such a strong traditional culture about food, olive oil and wine production, Donna Lucia started to work for other shops and companies who asked her to select the best products from her region, and this experience allowed her to know by person hundreds of farmers, small producers and every corner of her territory. Pythagoras lived here about 2.500 years ago and also the famous Latin poet Orazio, the one who wrote “Carpe diem”, was born in a close town to her birthplace… not to mention that Templars Knights had here their main strategic centres of knowledge and a few people know that they introduced a lot from Eastern world in terms of food and new production processes). With this huge heritage and fame in her territory, it was natural for Donna Lucia to start a business in her own name by keeping alive in her “company brand” the skill of selecting the best products.

Donna Lucia Food